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Becoming a herbalist

Becoming a herbalist Blog

2021 Review

The mission of the Solidarity Apothecary is to use plant medicines to materially support revolutionary struggles and communities with plant medicines to strengthen collective autonomy, self-defence and resilience to climate change, capitalism and state violence. Each year I review…

Solidarity Apothecary 2020 Review
Becoming a herbalist Blog

2020 Review

In January 2019, I set ten goals for the Solidarity Apothecary. Like the rest of the world, many of these were knocked sideways by the coronavirus pandemic. We saw the world set on fire with uprisings and rebellions from…

Becoming a herbalist Blog

Solidarity Apothecary 2020 Goals

Solidarity Apothecary Impact Goals Below are my ten goals for 2020 for the Solidarity Apothecary: 1. Get 5000 copies of the Prisoner’s Herbal to prisoners worldwide In 2020 I am going to seriously step up my distribution of the…

Becoming a herbalist Blog

2019 Review

2019 Annual Review What went well? My fantasy of a little plants and prison zine turned into a book! I published the Prisoner’s Herbal Book in September 2019 and it became a bigger and more beautiful project than I…

Becoming a herbalist Blog

Solidarity Apothecary 2019 Goals

I’m an absolute sucker for goal setting (for any astrology nerds, I have four planets in capricorn, ha!). For years I have been learning herbalism in such an informal way, which has been super powerful. I have followed my…