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Solidarity Apothecary 2020 Goals

Solidarity Apothecary Impact Goals

Below are my ten goals for 2020 for the Solidarity Apothecary:

1. Get 5000 copies of the Prisoner’s Herbal to prisoners worldwide

In 2020 I am going to seriously step up my distribution of the Prisoner’s Herbal book. This means another print run (or more) and getting in touch with even more collectives to help get the book inside to prisoners. I am also hoping to be featured in some prisoner magazines, newspapers and radio shows. If you are from a grassroots collective who posts books to prisoners and would like free copies, please contact me at

2. Get 5000 copies of Overcoming Burnout to Frontline Organisers

People all over the world are fighting back against oppression and domination. Many are teetering on the edge of burnout, resisting total breakdown or exhaustion. My goal with the Overcoming Burnout book is to support organisers to unlearn some of the feelings around our bodies so we can learn to take care of ourselves and each other in more caring and liberating ways. To get this book out there, I need your help! Recommendations for radical bookshops, invitations to events and bookfairs – please hook me up!

3. Support 50+ people experiencing repression with plant medicines

I want to continue to post herbal medicines to people around the world who are surviving state repression, which takes a huge toll on people’s bodies and lives. If you are going through this or supporting other people trying to survive or recover from state violence and would value some plant medicines, then please contact me.


4. Support 10+ Sab Groups with herbal medicines

Last year, I posted packages of immune and nervous system supporting plant medicines to hunt sabs who were out on the frontlines doing very difficult work sabotaging the badger cull and trying to save lives. I’d like to build on this project and get medicines to more sab groups this year. Please get in touch if your group would appreciate some herbal support!


5. Help coordinate medicine making for Herbalists without Borders in Calais

Would you like to help make medicines to be used in the field by Herbalists without Borders? I’m trying to help coordinate the medicine making for HWBs monthly visits to Northern France where we run a mobile clinic offering health support to refugees and migrants in Calais and Dunkirk. We would like to see more local groups organise workshops in their communities to generally contribute to the medicine making effort.

6. Develop financial stability for Herbalists without Borders UK

Despite relentless efforts to save cash and do things in a DIY low budget way as possible, trips to Calais and Dunkirk still cost a huge amount to make happen. This year I would like to support HWB to develop more financial stability with people donating regularly, grants and other grassroots fundraising initiatives.


7. Build relationships with grassroots collectives at other border hotspots

We want Herbalists without Borders to become increasingly effective and organise grassroots international solidarity at different border hotspots beyond Calais. This is a long-term project but this year we would like to begin to form those relationships, meet and connect with people and learn where herbal medicines can be effective in helping people resist the border regime.


8. Publish the Herbalism and State Violence Zine

So the call-out for this zine is coming very soon! But the basic idea for the project is to collate recipes and experiences from herbalists around the world about what they have used to support people experiencing state violence. I’d like to hear your favourite nervous system formulas and more!


9. Launch the Herbalism for Organising Online Course

Another plan for this year is to design an online course that can serve as an introduction to herbalism for people involved in frontline organising work. It would be sliding scale and as accessible as possible while also raising funds for the apothecary at the same time as supporting people with herbal education to change their lives and sustain their work.

10. Fully embrace Clinical Herbalist Training

And finally – but most importantly, I need to fully embrace my clinical herbalist training. This means a huge amount of self-directed study, blocks in Ireland, clinical hours, assignments, plant profiles and more!

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