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Latest Update from Ukraine Herbal Solidarity

[Image shows two logos from Ukraine Herbal Solidarity with a yarrow symbol. The title text says ‘Latest update from Ukraine Herbal Solidarity’. There is a white square with text (see caption) and There are pink roses behind the text.]

A note from a Ukrainian herbalist volunteering at the clinic:

russia’s genocidal re-invasion of Ukraine has inflicted immense devastation across Ukraine’s gorgeous cities and villages — a devastation layered atop three and a half centuries of russian colonization.

People arrive at the evacuation stop traumatized by the surreal horrors of this genocide: The murders of their loved ones, mass graves, mass rape, mass torture, shellings, destroyed homes, starvation, and countless other senseless cruelties committed by russians.

We share medicines rooted in Ukraine’s vibrant herbal medicine traditions. The medicines offer much needed relief: A small exhale; a familiar embrace; a soft landing amid the enormity of the grief. Many people are moved to tears at the clinic tent. 

A big thank you to all who have shared donations.

Please consider donating. We’re almost out of medicine and are in urgent need of donations to sustain the clinic.

Deep gratitude.

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