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Herbal Solidarity for Sabs – Request Form

Image shows a badger face with 'Anti Badger Cull Herbal Solidarity' in a circle surrounding it. Medicinal herbs are in the background

The Badger Cull has begun – a massacre of these beautiful wild creatures across England. More than 60,000 are set to be killed. For people sabbing the cull, it is a test of physical and emotional endurance. For those taking action in the night to defend badger setts, they face sleep deprivation, colds and flu, sore muscles and more. Not to mention the emotional weight of not always being able to prevent the death of these amazing animals.

Last year, I sent packages of herbal support to a small number of hunt sab and anti-cull groups around the country. This year, I want to be able to support more people out in the field, especially with the added threat of coronavirus.

Groups and individuals are welcome to request a herbal care package through the form below. I aim to send out the packages mid-October, if not before. People will receive a bottle of elderburry syrup, fire cider vinegar, and a de-stress/nervous system support blend for each member of their crew. If folks have any other specific need, feel free to put it in the comments just in case!

I will include detail info on what is included and any contraindications.

Any other questions please contact me at

Herbal Solidarity for Animal Liberation!

Sab Herbal Solidarity Request Form





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