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Would you like to join the Prisoner Herbalism Collective?

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Do you have the interest and energy to join a small and admin-light crew that can help support prisoners to learn more about herbalism? I’m looking for a crew who can help get more copies of the Prisoner’s Herbal book into prisoners around the world. Folks are needed to help map out different prisoner solidarity projects, contact them and coordinate copies getting to people inside.

People are also needed to help coordinate the sending in of correspondence course material to prisoners that have asked to learn more about herbal medicine (especially in the UK).

Beyond this, there is the important work of organising against the prison industrial complex and the massive healing justice work needed to support people leaving prison and build communities of care and mutual aid. This long-term work welcomes more articles, podcast interviews, graphics and a hundred more projects to help connect the herbalist movements to prison abolition efforts. Hopefully this crew can be one part of that work.

Whatever you feel you can offer, I would really love to hear from you! I have put together an online form to make coordination efforts easier.

I will be in Calais next week but aim to get back to people by the 4th June 2020 to set up an initial online meeting. Thank you so much in advance.

Love and Liberation,


    In what ways would you like to get involved? Please select from these options:
    1. Mapping prisoner book projects/prisoner solidarity projects/detainee support groups
    2. Contacting groups to see if they'd like copies of the Prisoner's Herbal
    3. Identifying places to promote the project and book e.g. podcasts
    4. Helping create content to promote the PH book and herbalist/prison projects e.g. articles, graphics
    5. Coordinating translations or actively translating the book
    6. Coordinating sending distance learning materials to prisoners in the UK with the CommonWealth School of Herbalism in Boston
    7. Fundraising
    8. Other (add below)

    1 Email2 Signal/Whatsapp etc3 Crabgrass4 Zoom/Jitsi online meeting5 Other

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