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Trans competency for Holistic Therapists – new course by Otter Lieffe

One of my absolute besties, Otter Lieffe, has just launched a new course aimed at herbalists, holistic therapists and anyone involved in complementary healthcare. It’s called Trans Competency for Holistic Therapists. 

The course is to support practitioners to become more aware of the issues trans folk face and to make practices safer and more accessible for this community.

The course explores topics such as gender identity, cissexism and transphobia, pronouns and more. As well as practical tools such as intake forms and safer set-ups of clinics. At the end of the course, there is an opportunity to consult directly with Otter online and build an action plan for your clinic, class or service.

Please enrol! Please share this course on your networks. It is not only massively important because of creating more accessible healthcare for trans communities, but it would also materially support Otter who does so much amazing work in the world.

If you don’t know Otter already, then check out her website – She is a trans woman, author of two epic books, a bodyworker and director the Safer Healing Clinic.

Otter and I are also teaching the Queer Ecology course together in May 2019.

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