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Support BIPOC herbal education

I just wanted to share a call-out for folks to donate towards BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) herbal education organised by Seed, Root and Bloom who describe themselves as “a hood collective gathering to weave healing + justice for our indigenous and african lineages. We weave together ancestor folk medicine from turtle island, black communities, and traditions from the diasporas in service of remembering the sacredness of our communities, and ourselves.”

They are asking for people to sponsor a herbal student on their program, to donate towards their projects and to share resources and order items for them from their wishlist.

This is what they write:

For millennia, Black, Indigenous, and racially oppressed communities have simultaneously been enslaved and exploited by people of Western lineages, while our traditions and medicines have been taken and appropriated. We call on you to do better. We call  you to commit to a path of reparations. Distribute your wealth, your resources, your political voice for our collective healing.  White comrades to decolonize yourselves, to secure a healthier future for your seeds  you must commit to living in resistance with indigenous, black, asian, people of color + the diaspora.

Learn more about their essential and inspiring work here:

Ways to donate and support


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