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Help Fund the POC Herbal Freedom School

Toi Scott from the School of Liberation Healing and Medicine who blogs at Queering Herbalism is asking folks to donate towards a crowdfunder for the 5th POC Herbal Freedom School.

In Toi’s words:

We’re beginning our 5th POC Herbal Freedom School and we need your help. We’re raising $3,000 to fund 10 seats for BIPOC (Black and Indigenous and People of Color) who are interested in learning about Indigenous Black and Brown healing traditions and medicine making, while centering our Indigenous, Black, Brown, Two Spirit, Trans, Gender Non Conforming and Queer healing histories.

Throughout the 6 month program we:

-connect with ancestral plants and our own ancestral traditions
-talk about what liberatory medicine means to us
-talk about the impact of colonization on our healing traditions and re-imagine decolonial health and healing
-talk about the importance of ceremony and ritual
-learn about medicine and medicine making from different cultural perspectives

And last, but NOT least,

-we talk about individual, collective and historical trauma and strategize ways to heal individually and in community.

This is our only 6 month program in 2019 and it begins in January.

Please donate!!! Find the link here:

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