Herbal Solidarity for the Anti Badger Cull Sabs

Below is what was included in my herbal packages send to Hunt Sab groups around the country that are sabbing the badger cull this winter. If your groups would like to recieve a package in 2020 please email

Elderberry Tincture

Elderberry has incredible anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. This tincture is for anyone who might start coming down with a cold or virus during the cull. It can also be taken as a preventative if anyone is on the edge due to stress/late nights.
How to take: As a preventative, take twice a day – 25 drops in some water. If someone is getting ill in an acute way, take 25 drops every few hours in water to help nip a cold in the bud.

Rosehip Syrup

Rosehips are a fantastic source of vitamin C, A, D and E. They were harvested extensively during the Second World War as an alternative to imported oranges (they have 20 x the vitamin C content by weight of oranges). Please note I will be making more batches of this very soon so let me know when you run out.
How to take: Take a spoonful every day.

Fire Cider Vinegar

This vinegar is made by infusing onion, garlic, lemon, horseradish, chilli, cayenne pepper, black peppercorns, turmeric, rosemary and ginger. It is incredibly warming and will help ward off colds and infections due to its strong anti-microbial properties.
How to take: Take 1-2 teaspoons in water (or juice) at the first sign of a cold. You can also take a teaspoon as a preventative through the cull.

Rose Petal Glycerite

Rose petals are a fantastic resource for the nervous system and a very cooling remedy for hot, inflamed conditions. I have included it to help you calm/wind down after being out in the zone. It brings a feeling of comfort and relief. It is also great after moments of acute stress (like an interaction with the cops or shooters for example). Because it is quite cooling, it is worth taking it once you are back inside and warmed up, or when you are feeling really hot and stressed.
How to take: Simply take a sip when you need it.

Lemon Balm Glycerite

Lemon balm is a wonderful anti-viral plant that also supports with anxiety. It can also help calm a nervous digestive system. It is worth taking both as a preventative (like one teaspoonful every day) during the cull or also as and when needed. For example, if your digestive is a bit off due to stress/interrupted sleep or if you are feeling particularly anxious or stressed.
How to take: Simply take a sip when you need it.

Lavender Oil

Lavender is such an amazing ally for stress! This oil is to help folks calm down/wind down/sleep after being out in the zone. It is simply organic lavender and organic olive oil. It is best to not use it when driving but if you are particularly stressed in the zone you could spray a little on yourself. It can make you sleepy though so not the best if you are trying to stay awake!
How to take: You can spray it anywhere on yourself. It is great to put a little bit on your temple and the back of your neck to help with sleep. You can also rub it on sore shoulders etc and add it to the bath.

Immunity Tea Blend

I have included dried elderflower and peppermint. Unfortunately, I have used all my dried yarrow (so if you find any – it‘s great to include). This tea blend is fantastic for those early stages of a cold to help nip it in the bud. Elder is very antiviral and will have a diaphoretic action (so you may sweat a little). Peppermint is a powerful antibacterial and will help with any gastrointestinal issues. Together, they are great for colds and flu.
How to take: Add the dried herbs to a tea pot or some kind of cafetiere and add hot water. Leave to infuse but ideally drink it hot. It may be worth adding ginger too if you are feeling particularly cold.

Heavy Heart Tea Blend
For folks sabbing the cull, there is a lot of stress, frustration, rage, as well as heartbreak when we know that animals have been shot. This tea blend is designed to help soothe our hearts during moments of struggle. It contains hawthorn flowers, lemon balm, rose petals, chamomile, lavender and skullcap. Please note it can be quite cooling in energy, so best drunk hot or at the end of the night when you are warmed up inside. All of these plants have a supportive action on the nervous system.
How to take: Add the dried herbs to a tea pot or some kind of cafetiere and add hot water.

Elder Bark Salve
Elder bark, when prepared properly, is strongly anti-viral and when used topically on the skin it can be fantastic for joint pain and arthritic complaints. This salve is made with organic soy wax, elderbark and some lavender essential oil. You can rub it on sore muscles or your feet, especially if you are developing fungal infections from too much time in the field. It is also great for tattoo healing or other general muscle pain.
How to take: Apply direct to the skin

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