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Talk at Derry Radical Bookfair

Derry Bookfair Workshop

This weekend, I’ve the got the honour of talking at Derry Radical Bookfair. There are some great online events happening including a talk about Ben Fletcher, The Life & Times of a Black Wobbly and a screening of the film ‘Bring down the walls’ about the prison industrial complex. You can find all the info at:

The zoom info will be posted in the Facebook event:

Here is the blurb:

Nicole Rose is an anarchist organiser, former prisoner and the author of Overcoming Burnout and The Prisoner’s Herbal.

Nicole will take part in the Derry Radical Book as part of an online event exploring the politics of anarchism, burnout & collective care.

Organised by our friends the Incarcerated Workers Organising Committee Ireland (IWOC), the event will explore how organisers can avoid and negotiate burnout as well as the mutual aid models we can create to support people with chronic illnesses.

It will also highlight the role of grassroots herbalism in building individual and community health autonomy.


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