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#JailBreak June

Image shows the ruins of a prison covered by plants

In Mid May, I launched Books for Bail Bonds – a two week fundraising drive where all proceeds of my books went towards the The Alachua County Bond Fund. Together, we raised $1316 USD!

At the end of this effort, while working with the mobile clinic in Calais, the murder of George Floyd hit the news and rebellions erupted all over the United States (and beyond) in response.

This is why I decided to extend this fundraiser for the whole of June. Even though cash is always needed to get the Prisoner’s Herbal books into prisons, right now one of our main priorities is responding to the massive wave of repression. Already, street collectives are in desparate need of resources to respond to chemical warfare by police. Bail funds are necessary for people arrested during rebellions and the list goes on!

I know it’s still just a tiny contribution but I hope #JailBreak June can feed into fundraising efforts. Both books centre lived experiences of prison and state repression and the effects of long-term organising on health.

You can order them here:

ALL proceeds raised will be donated and news of these donations will be shared on instagram.


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