Blog Call-outs for Solidarity

Support Remedies Without Borders/Remedios Sin Fronteras!

Just wanted to share a call-out from Dana Woodruff at Dandelioness Herbals:

Remedies Without Borders/Remedios Sin Fronteras is an herbal medicine-making project supplying humanitarian aid organizations with salves, lip balms, foot powders, and other remedies for those on either side of the human-made US/Mexican border.  Remedies are distributed to those crossing the Sonoran desert, those who have been deported, and those presenting themselves for asylum, as well as long-term volunteers and residents of militarized border communities.

>>>Please donate here:

For folks who are not aware of the migrant caravan, there is lots of information online including a recent reflection:

No Borders Media have also been creating podcasts on the situation:

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