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Thank you so much for supporting the Solidarity Apothecary.

The mission of the Solidarity Apothecary is to materially support revolutionary struggles and communities with plant medicines to strengthen collective autonomy, self-defence and resilience to climate change, capitalism and state violence.

Funds will be for:

  • Printing and posting the Prisoner’s Herbal book to prisoners around the world
  • Helping to raise awareness about herbalism and prison abolition with the Prisoner Herbalism Collective, as well as coordinating translations of the Prisoner’s Herbal book to get it to more people around the world
  • Coordinating distance learning for prisoners to learn about herbalism in the UK with CommonWealth Herbs in Boston who have generously transcribed all of their courses for people inside to learn about herbal medicine
  • Making medicine for people experiencing state violence. While I grow as many plants as possible, materials are still needed such as oils, glycerine, alcohol, packaging – as well as postage costs. Care packages are gifted to people experiencing state repression, recovering from prison and more.
  • Making medicine for frontline organisers, for example, like those resisting the Badger Cull as part of my Hunt Sab Solidarity Project.
  • Making medicine for Herbalists Without Borders UK mobile clinic in Calais, as well as for other call-outs for herbal solidarity
  • Enabling me to consistently drive to France and volunteer with the Herbalists without Borders UK mobile clinic on a monthly basis. This commitment demands a lot of personal time (and holiday or unpaid leave from my current job) that is unsustainable long-term. Financial support will mean I can prioritise supporting the clinic which supports over 3.5 thousand refugees every year. (Please note Herbalists without Borders is a separate organisation that also needs donations and support!)
  • Post-pandemic, funds will be used to support visits to sites of resistance with my mobile clinic and offer herbal support to people living at protest camps and occupations enduring stress and difficult conditions.
  • Funds will enable me to pay my labour so that I can produce content such as the Herbalism and State Violence book, an online course on Herbalism for Organisers, a Frontline Herbalism Podcast and more! As a working class femme, my whole life has involved constant unpaid, caring labour for other people. Donations will enable me to dedicate myself to the Solidarity Apothecary full time while also being able to survive capitalism and financially support my friends in prison and myself for the long-haul.

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Your financial support means the world to me. Any questions, please get in touch –

Become a Monthly Supporter